Now that you have completed the bankruptcy process and received your final discharge, it is time to rebuild your credit and your life.

Track your credit score:  There are many different services and sites to help you keep track of your credit score.  A free service that allows you to check your credit score without hurting your credit is

It is also recommended to pull your credit report once a year to ensure your creditor information is correct and to protect yourself against ID theft.  You may request your credit report for free once per year from all three agencies at  


For affordable Credit Repair options and to receive your credit reports monthly so you can track your progress, visit here

Open a Secure Credit Card - A secured credit card is a credit card that  requires a security deposit, which is held as collateral for your account. The credit card limit equals the amount of money held in your collateral account.  The credit card account is reported to the credit bureaus and as long as you are responsible with payments, this will provide you the opportunity to build a credit history.  A good site to shop different credit card offers is  

However, do not open credit card accounts that you are not going to use and do not open too many credit card cards, as this will have a negative impact on your credit score.

Make payments on time -  Start making your payments on time. This is the single most important factor. This will slowly start to raise your credit score. If you find it difficult to remember, start using automatic payments.

Build your credit score:  There are many credit repair companies that provide services to boost your credit scores before a major purchase such as a new car or home.  Better credit scores typically allow you to get better financing options.  We will be happy to refer to you helpful providers.

Buy a home:   FHA offers a new program called the "Back To Work" program that offers home financing as soon as two years after bankruptcy.  We will be happy to refer you to qualified lenders who will meet with you to discuss your home financing options.

There is no cost to you when working with a real estate professional for buying or renting your new home.  Please call 954-629-1662 for an agent that will help you find your new home and walk you through the process. Visit for more information.

Foreclosures, Short Sales & Other Services

Bankruptcy Relief Now works with a group of other professionals who provide additional services such as....

Foreclosure Defense - We will be happy to provide you with a list of attorney's that specialize in foreclosure defense and will provide you with a free consultation.

Covid resources - Sent us an email providing your county and state and we will forward Covid resources available in your area.

Seal, Expunge Criminal Records  - For sealing or expunging of criminal records, call Annette Mantia at (561) 964-4357.

Shortsales or Real Estate - If you choose to short sale your home in lieu of foreclosure, please call Sandy Seas Real Estate at 954-629-1662.

Modifications - The Bankruptcy Court in the Middle & Southern District of Florida offers the "Mortgage Modification Mediation Program" to assist folks who have been unsuccessful trying to obtain modifications directly with their mortgage company. For more information, visit the courts website at  

 Affordable Divorce Source  -  For affordable divorce services by a professional who specializes in divorce only, contact Christine Marinkovich at (954) 933-6090 or visit


For other affordable legal document preparation visit Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers here.

Other Good Sites

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