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Bankruptcy Relief Now
Affordable Bankruptcy Solutions


We understand that taking this next step to file bankruptcy is a difficult and personal decision to make. Especially in the past few years, many people have experienced extreme financial changes or difficulties at no fault of their own. In fact, in the past two years alone, more than 800,000 people have filed bankruptcy. 

We strongly believe that everyone should be able to have a fresh financial start and we are dedicated to keeping the process simple, affordable and accessible to everyone.


Our company is a document preparation service for individuals seeking to file bankruptcy and obtain an order of discharge of debts. As such, we encourage you to consult legal counsel before filing to receive legal advice especially if you are currently involved in any lawsuits. 


At this time, we offer our preparation services for the most common bankruptcy, Chapter 7, which liquidates certain debts and does not involve a plan of repayment as required in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you are unsure which chapter you would qualify for, that's okay! We are here to help navigate this process with you. 

  • Stop Collection Calls

  • Stop Wage Garnishment

  • Postpone Foreclosure

  • Postpone Eviction

  • Stop Judgments & Lawsuits

  • Wipe Out Debt

  • Rebuild Credit

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FALDP bankruptcy certified
Florida association of legal document preparers

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